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Check out our current stock below, hopefully it won't stick around for long! Our products say a great deal about us; fresh, distinctive, approachable & exclusive with a hint of OCD (oh it's all in the detail!) We're very proud of what we do and feel that if you buy an Eden & Wade product you can be assured it meets the 'We'd love to keep it' appraisal.


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You can buy direct from us or we stock a select number of items through Frame.
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Our Finishes

Tung Oil

An environmentally friendly penetrating oil derived from the Tung nut that will 'feed' and protect the wood. It creates a stunningly natural finish that enhances the wood grain whilst letting the timber 'breathe'. It results in a satin timber look which has water repelling qualities. We tend to use furniture wax in conjunction with our oils to give the timber some added scratch resistant protection.

Furniture Wax

A silky soft finish, used alone or over oil, to enhance and protect the timber. Furniture wax protects the wood from scratches and spills with any damage being easily fixed with a new application. A wax finish can be highly buffed to create a satin gloss look and we love it because it keeps the timber looking natural.

Care Tips

Oil finishes are simple to use and easy to maintain. Re-application of one or two thin coats every year will keep the timber looking naturally ‘fresh’. The oils are penetrating and because they don't leave a surface film like varnish, they won't chip, flake, crack or peel (yippee). Damaged or scratched areas can easily be repaired by spot reapplication of oil rather than a full resurfacing. Wipe over with furniture wax and gently buff whenever the luster has been lost.