That's why we do what we do! We have a passion for design and a strong belief that the functional should also be desirable. We create, repurpose, reuse and recycle a variety of products and materials to produce on-trend furniture and homewares that we're sure you'll love... and the result, something that is simply unique, we're flipping the tables on mass production and giving things a little soul. Check out our Shed to see what we have available to custom order; choose your fabric and finish to get something truly personal. Oh and it's all made right here in Australia. Amen.

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Happy Mother's Day

A time to celebrate those closest to us and be thankful that they were there for us when our butts needed wiping ;)

The most fabulous job in the World but far from glamorous; with long working hours, difficult clients & those ridiculous days that can only be soothed by a bottle of wine (& a straw). A job founded on love, compassion, sanctuary, security... boundless and infallible... strong and supportive... & so very worthwhile.

Give your Mum a little something special this Mother's Day with a uniquely designed card from us. What's even more fabulous is that they're FREE! yeeeeeeeee-ha! Just click the links below to download, print them off onto A4 card, trim, fold & write a special little note inside.

sign off Amy & Ruth